Kate Middleton Goes Au Naturel

Picture of Kate Middleton holding her baby

And we have yet another reason to admire the duchess

Word on the street is that Duchess Kate Middleton had a completely drug-free childbirth. Of course she did, because she is superhuman!

But seriously, Kate, like many moms before her, went without an epidural to numb the pain and endured every little twinge, tingle, and torturous second of labor and delivery.

According to sources Kate stayed cool as a cucumber throughout the entire event. A team of four midwives was there to guide her through the process  (along with her doctor) and of course Prince William was by her side (I wonder if he let her squeeze his hand during contractions). She was prepping for a natural birth so to hear she achieved her goal is wonderful. We all know birth plans don’t always go as planned!

It’s funny how so much about the royals is old-fashioned and steeped in tradition, even down to the way Kate gave birth! She of course had access to modern pharmaceutical intervention had she wanted to go that route, but she chose to have her baby the way millions of women around the world have been doing it since way before those pain killers existed. Pretty cool.

Of course everything Kate does is big news, so no matter how she chose to have her baby, we’d be talking about it. But this is particularly encouraging when so many moms are opting for drugs and are forced to have C-sections. According to one source, in America an epidural is used in 95% of vaginal deliveries and 32% of babies are born by Cesarean section “many of which are scheduled and elective.” Wow.

Listen, whatever works for mom and ensures the safe arrival of a healthy baby is fine, but I think for women to hear that it IS possible to deliver a baby drug-free – and to have royal representation for natural birth – is wonderful. Kudos to Kate!