Kate Middleton is Pregnant. What will be the Name?

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Liverpool

You think YOUR in-laws are opinionated about baby names? Try pleasing the whole House of Windsor.

The palace has confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child. That means it’s time to start guessing what names might make the royal short list. No matter what names a young Kate Middleton might once have dreamed of, it’s a safe bet that the heir to the throne will bear a name (or four) plucked straight from the royal lineage.

The past 1,000 years have seen 66 British monarchs and only 30 names.  Despite all the modernization the monarchy has dealt with lately, we think they’ll stick with the tried and true. Tradition is the lifeblood of the monarchy. That doesn’t mean the new parents necessarily have to buck fashion, though. The England and Wales name popularity charts boast some formal and throwback names that would sound pretty sweet with a HRH in front of them. Their current top 10:


If you’re looking for pure numerical pedigree, the most common names of past Kings are Edward, Henry, James, and George. All but George are currently borne by other members of the royal family. For a twist, a girl — and remember, males no longer get precedence in the order of succession — could receive a feminized version of one of those kingly classics, like Georgia or Henrietta. But the expectant parents’ options are wider for girls. Attractive royal names not used in the current generations include Alexandra, Alice, Charlotte, Helena, and Victoria.

Of course, a royal baby can expect a long name, filled with family tributes. With their many middle names, the royal grandmother, great grandmother, and great aunts and great-great uncles offer a plethora of name choices that get royal approval: The Queen Mother Elizabeth Angela Marguerite or Princess Margaret Rosemary inspire, and the Queen herself has the middle names Alexandra and Mary. Mary has been twice used as a monarch’s name. Alexandra would be a brand new entry to the throne. Despite being currently in use, Elizabeth may be on the list since it is also Princess Kate’s middle name. And in terms of a girl’s tribute name, there’s no more obvious choice than Diana. We’d be surprised to see that choice for a girl’s first name, but definitely look for Diana among the middle names.

What do you think Will and Kate will name their firstborn? And why don’t you share your best picks of classic or trendy names you like for them.