Kate Middleton Lookalike Recreates Key Pregnancy Moments

For nearly the past decade, Royal Family lookalikes have profited off the misadventures of Prince Harry as well as the wedded bliss of Prince William and Kate Middleton. With the UK’s fervor over the royals, the lookalike business has become a veritable industry for a handful of people randomly blessed with very similar genes. But this latest story is just ridiculous.

UK gambling company Ladbrokes wants to tempt citizens into betting on the sex of the Royal Baby. And how are they drumming up interest? By hiring lookalikes to dress up as Kate, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and Pippa Middleton and recreate the classic moments moments from pregnancy. You know, all the stuff we never saw, like Kate wearing overalls and mock-feuding with her grandmother-in-law Queen Elizabeth about the color of the nursery. Or Pippa smirking at her sister’s baby name choices.

I’m not even kidding.

There was an article recently in one of the UK papers interviewing Heidi Agan, the main Kate lookalike, about how she’s been purchasing prosthetic bellies of various sizes to keep up with the duchess’ expanding waistline. That article was at least matter-of-fact and gave insight into how celebrity directly impacts one person’s income. But there’s something about these photos that seems incredibly manipulative and more than a little creepy.

Maybe it’s that you would never actually see Kate put on a pair of overalls, making it clear how unrealistic they are. Or maybe it’s about the photos that do seem like moments in Kate’s pregnancy, and then it becomes invasive. It’s one thing if you’re expecting and your friends put together a little skit at your baby shower poking fun at your husband’s propensity for baldness (as another photo does). But if complete strangers did, and then made money off it? Royally odd.