Kate Middleton Reportedly Considering Breaking Royal Tradition with a C-Section

With the weeks until the Royal Baby’s birth ticking down, speculation has turned from the sex of the heir and where s/he will come into the world, to how exactly Kate Middleton will give birth. The latest rumor is that Kate–the commoner who defies royal traditions–is open to having a C-section. Gasp!

Of course, this is all unsubstantiated rumors, since neither Kate nor any members of the Royal Family would actually share such intimate details. Still, it’s interesting to contemplate, especially because such a decision is considered somewhat taboo among the royals. These sources also hint that Kate might follow the example of her deceased mother-in-law Princess Diana and actually breastfeed the Royal Baby.

Of course, for non-famous/non-royal moms, these decisions may not be as monumental. Or at least, they don’t carry the same scrutiny and judgment that poor Kate is undergoing. It’s a good thing that she’s bowing out of most of her public engagements until the birth, because otherwise the paparazzi would be analyzing her stomach every day for more clues as to how the Royal Baby will be born. Instead of, you know, just being excited that the heir is on his/her way.