Kerri Walsh Jennings Does the Cliché Nude Pregnancy Pose

Kerri Walsh Jennings

Normally my eyes would glaze over at yet another nude photo of a pregnant celeb. When Demi did it, it was provocative. Now it’s de rigueur. Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Brooke Shields– everyone’s done it. But Olympic gold medalist volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings’ nude pregnancy photos are stunning in a whole new way.

Kerri, 34, is an athlete. She is famous for kicking beach volleyball butt, nailing ferocious spikes, in the sand, while wearing a teeny bikini! Not many people could do that gracefully, yet she makes it look easy and gorgeous. So of course she makes pregnancy look beautiful, too.

I was actually really excited to see that ESPN magazine does a “Body Issue.” It seems we are constantly talking about physical appearance, what’s beautiful and what’s not, but we mainly focus on impossibly tiny actresses and leggy models, when there are so many other shapes and sizes out there that are just as worthy of the spotlight. So I am thrilled to see athletes, especially mom athletes, in provocative poses showing off their bodies because theirs are pictures of good health.

These people work their tails off to be at the top of their games. For them, it’s not about what your body looks like; it’s about what it can do. They eat well and exercise and treat their bodies like the temples they are in order to get the most out of them. They’re not just thin, they have muscles and shape and grit.

Yes, Kerri’s pose is one that’s been done before, but somehow the image of an athlete’s pregnant body is so different from a pop star’s or model’s. We already know that Kerri’s body is incredibly strong and well built from watching her win Volleyball gold. But seeing that famous body carrying a child, doing something so natural yet so amazing, is breathtaking. And the additional image of her, right back to her fighting shape, with her newborn daughter is just gorgeous. She’s shown us all that the female body is capable of – and she looks fantastic while doing it! If that’s not inspiration for taking good care of yourself and challenging your body, I don’t know what is.