Latch On NYC: Too Much Restriction or The Right Move for the Health of Our Babies?

Baby formula

The facts are this: The 27 of 40 hospitals in NYC will be monitoring formula in all of their facilities. They will no longer be handing out formula to new moms in their “You just gave birth!” swag bags. Mothers requesting formula will be given a scripted “talking to” about how they should be breastfeeding. Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg, this program called “Latch On NYC” will go into effect on Sept 3rd.


As a mom who bottle-fed both her kids, this makes me very sad for the new moms of NYC. Becoming a new mom is stressful enough. Scary enough. You need support, no matter how your baby is fed. I think Bloomberg has stepped over the line. After the Time Magazine Are You Mom Enough? cover, there are plenty of moms very sensitive to anyone or any program making them feel inadaquete based on their feeding choices.

So let’s hear it everyone…Where do you stand on the Latch On NYC?