Let Your Baby Choose His Own Name? There’s an App for That

Pregnant woman using a digital tablet

I’m well into my second trimester and feeling jabs and kicks all day (and night) now. This plus last week’s gender reveal means it’s finally time to ask the baby to join the discussion about what we should name him.


The app Kick to Pick lets your unborn child help choose his or her name. Yes, you heard correctly. The app senses the baby’s movements in response to the sounds of various names. You create a shortlist of names you like from the app’s thousands of options (or you can set the app on random); then you rest your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on your belly and wait for the baby  to make his or her preference known by kicking or jabbing.

Okay, this is pretty goofy, but it’s good goofy fun. (Also goofy: Asking your other children what to name the new sibling. My 3-year-old’s latest suggestion is “Scam.”)

The Kick to Pick app is available on iTunes for £0.69 (about $1.10 in U.S. dollars), and hey, it’s no crazier than leaving your baby’s name up to Facebook, is it?