Lockdown in Boston

oak tree leaf

This morning I looked out the window and noticed the giant oak tree finally bloomed overnight. I was so excited to get the day started and go on a nature adventure with my two children, ages five and two. It’s spring break for the public schools here in Massachusetts, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep my son entertained during his week away from school.

As the kids and I were starting our day, I noticed I had a lot of Facebook notifications. Since it’s not my birthday today, I knew something had to be up. A lot of friends were checking in to make sure that we were safe and away from the areas around Boston that are currently under siege. Thankfully we aren’t in the thick of it, but not so far away that it’s worth risking the safety of my children. Nature walk cancelled due to suspected terrorist.

Since my children are so young, I’ve been sneaking online to get updates. I haven’t had the news on at all since the first incident. I can’t shield them from reality for too much longer, but while I can, I will.

Despite the weather being warm and inviting, the streets are empty. We’re on our second episode of Max and Ruby. I think Sesame Street is next on my list. My daughter is wearing her special princess costume, and my son and I are snuggling on the couch in our pajamas even though it’s almost three in the afternoon. It’s not how I wanted the day to go, but we’re safe, we’re together, and my children’s blissful ignorance is blessedly intact.