Love Your Body, Mama! Here’s How

I’m not going to share a workout with you guys today.

I’m not even going to turn on my trainer’s voice and start yelling at you to drop and give me 20.

No. Today I hope to inspire you through words, not action.

If you’ve been following along during the Summer Of Strong, you should know that I’m a HUGE advocate for fitness and especially fitness for new mothers.

You see, I make a living off of other people’s desire to lose weight and get fit. And that can easily translate into, “I get paid because people are unhappy with themselves.”

I hate that attitude.

Being unhappy with one’s body.

It comes from a place of self-hate and demoralization.

And I’m here today to tell you that it’s a WASTE OF TIME!

It’s taken me SO very long to get to this mindset. After years battling two eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia) and disturbed body image, I finally came to a place of healing. I finally learned to accept this body that I was blessed with.

Do you know when that happened?

When I became pregnant with my son nearly five years ago.

But that self-love wasn’t easy to come by.

You see, when you’re pregnant, you lose control of so many things, body-related. You gain weight, you get acne, you get that weird line on your belly. Your feet swell up to enormous proportions.

You are no longer in control.

It would have been easy for me to become unhappy and discontent with my body through all of these changes. But instead, I took on an attitude of PROTECTION. For my baby and for this body that was growing my child.

I wanted to make my body the BEST place for Henry to grow. To NOURISH it with from the inside with good, wholesome foods (aside from the first three months when all I could stomach was pretzels!). To make it STRONGER on the outside with daily exercise. And I also made a point to treat my brain to a nightly scoop of ice cream or a long bubble bath!

Over those 9 (10) months carrying my son, I came to see this new body as a MIRACULOUS thing.

Something that I shouldn’t mistreat with diet pills or laxatives. Ever.

Something that CRAVED movement. Always.

A body that deserved KIND words, instead of my usual self-hate banter.

I came to realize that this is the only body that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

I needed to take care of it.

I needed to love it.

Love it for what it was doing for me (in giving me a baby), but also for what I COULD DO FOR IT (by taking care of it).

If you’re in a place of self-hate, please realize that any time you spend with negative thoughts is time taken away from the good things in life.

Pregnant mamas—make your body the very best place for your baby to grow.

And realize that while you might not have control over some of the changes that are happening, you DO have control over your mind.

Speak kindly to yourself!

Your body deserves it. YOU deserve it.


QUESTION: Tell me: what are some of the negative body thoughts you have. Then tell me how what your new SELF-LOVE approach will be!!

Lindsay Wright blogs at the inspirational healthy living site, Lindsay’s List, where she shares her fitness journey as a NASM-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. A stay-at-home mom to two toddlers, Lindsay’s just trying to balance fitness, family and fun!! Find her at