Make a Belly Map!

Feeling your baby kick and roll inside your belly can be one of the best parts of pregnancy. What started out as a tiny seed begins to resemble an actual tiny human, and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as bonding with your unborn child by poking him back when he pokes you, right?

But what was that lump I just saw push out against my belly button? And are those fingers in my ribs, or toes? Fetuses have what often feels like an impossible number of points and angles, and I’m always trying to guess how my baby’s squished up in there and what in the world he thinks he’s doing. (Jumping jacks is a common guess.)

Enter “belly mapping.” offers this great guide for pregnant women in the last months of their third trimesters who want to know what position their babies are in. Some positions are more optimal for labor, and SpinningBabies offers advice about how to deal with those issues during delivery.

But for the simply curious, the belly mapping technique is cool in and of itself.

Check it out here (where you can also order The Belly Mapping Workbook and download a free belly mapping handout).