Make Meaningful Memories on your iPhone

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iphone camera make memoriesIt’s funny how photography can change the way you see and experience things. My life as a parent would be so different without photography.

Photography helps me see and to focus on moments that would otherwise slip by… the small everyday moments of joy and delight that make up a life.

And as I talked about last week, my iPhone is my favorite camera for doing this.

I love my iPhone photos. Each photo that I edit and share is like a precious jewel to me in the crown of parenthood that, let’s face it, is not all sunshine and roses. I’m not saying enjoy every moment. But photographing my kids helps me to more fully experience, enjoy and focus on the daily moments that are worth savoring.

Here are some recent favorites:

school iphone photos

Liam started kindergarten at a public charter school this year and, after three and a half years of preschool, it has been a whole new experience for us that includes a school uniform, taking the subway together every morning, and a new level of intensity in the classroom for Liam.

It has overall been a wonderful experience for the entire family. My husband and I share drop-offs and Jack loves to visit the classroom when he can. Not only that, but we’ve become part of a new community of families that we could potentially be with until 12th grade!

I won’t lie, mornings can be stressful. Trying to get two kids as well as ourselves out the door on time is no mean feat, but on the day I took this photo, we managed to be one of the first to arrive in the classroom, and I loved how Liam went to his chair and got to work on his “number bonds.” He looks like such a big kid and I’m so proud of how hard he has been working and much he has grown this year.

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Another part of our new schedule this year is an earlier pick-up than before. I pick him up from school two days a week and I love the extra one-on-one time I get before it’s time to pick up Jack. And yes, occasionally we stop off for a treat! Liam shares my sweet tooth and it is always special for both of us.

iphone photos brooklyn library

Liam’s reading has exploded lately, and Jack loves to do what his brother does. I hadn’t been the one to take them to the library for a long time, so when we went recently one weekend it was so great to see them plop themselves down on the rug with a book. I always love how kids are so comfortable on their bellies. This moment was totally spontaneous and un-posed.

playground photos brooklyn iphone

We love our local playground, and my husband has a ritual of pushing the kids on the swings while telling superhero “rescue” stories, even though they really are too big for the baby swings now!

I love to see them both swinging back and forth and giggling, and I love capturing the relationship my husband has with them.

preschool fun plastic guitar batman suit iphone photo ideas for parents

Jack. Amazing and awesome Jack. Three years old, he embodies the Ames book title Your Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy and that’s exactly what these two photos show. On the left, we have dear sweet funny hilarious Jack singing a funny song on the guitar. On the right we have angry Batman having a meltdown about needing to wear a coat (in 38F weather). I love both these moments that epitomize a personality I wouldn’t change for all the world, not that I love all tantrums, but I know we can all relate to the frustration over this never-ending winter! Poor Batman.

nyc school playground iphone photos

One of the my favorite things about being a mom is seeing my kids bond and develop friendships with other kids. I am so grateful for the wonderful friends they have made each year. The other day at the playground Jack totally lit up when he saw his friend from preschool and they had such a blast running around, whispering and giggling.

iphone photos selfies with kids

Me and my little guy.  One of many moments I’ll never forget, thanks to my iPhone.

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