Maternity Clothes: Dress Your Bump in Style

maternity dressing

There are so many things to think about and prepare for when you become pregnant. How to dress that ever-growing bump can become a bit challenging as a first-time mom, especially for those who want to remain stylish. I understand there are so many other more important things to worry about other than what you’re wearing. However, when you continuously open up that closet door and find that nothing fits, you will be happy you spent some time on your maternity wardrobe.

The days of the potato sack maternity dresses are over, and now it’s all about accentuating your bump in the second and third trimesters. And let’s be honest, toward the end we just want to be comfortable. Here are some tips that helped me make it through my pregnancy in style.

Work with What You’ve  Got

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you need to trash everything you own or trade it in for homely, boring maternity clothes. Work with what you’ve got for as long as you can! Switch up the way you wear your current clothing to get full use of what’s already in your closet. Throughout my pregnancy, I wore button-down shirts opened up and knotted regular shirts above my belly. I fully embraced my bump and accentuated my waist by adding a belt I already owned above my belly. I was also able to break out that curve-hugging dress that I wasn’t comfortable in before since my muffin top had turned into a baby bump. Ha. Play around with the options you already have, and you will save a lot of money while remaining true to your usual style.

Don’t Limit Yourself to the Maternity Section

I found most maternity sections at the store to be completely boring, drab, and lacking selection. I admit I did find some really great basic, everyday pieces that I wore all the time, and they were much needed. However, as the owner of a fashion blog and just being the person I am, I do like to be a bit more stylish for the office and certain occasions. Sometimes, the maternity options were just not going to cut it. All the beautiful, interesting prints and trendier pieces were in the regular department, and I would get easily frustrated. I decided to try a few things on, and I found a few ways to get by in the regular section. Go a size up on tanks, tops, and sweaters. Most of the ones I found were really just a bit longer, and I can still wear them post-pregnancy. For dresses, avoid ones with zippers and find ones with stretch or a flattering empire waist. I was able to find loads of dresses that fit me through almost my entire pregnancy that were not labeled “maternity.” I am back to my typical size, and I can still wear many of them today.

Invest in a Pair of Dark Maternity Jeans

That being said, I would invest in a good pair of dark maternity jeans. While I know the belly bands worked for a lot of my friends, I decided to go straight to the maternity jeans. Why? Because I kind of felt weird about having my pants unbuttoned, and also, they are so comfortable! I kind of wish we could wear maternity jeans all the time. Or at least at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

Comfort Is Key

Especially toward the end of your pregnancy, you’ll start to feel tired and uncomfortable, and you’ll crave comfy clothing. I had a summer pregnancy, so maxi dresses and flip-flops or stylish flat sandals were my very best friends. There were so many gorgeous prints and options to choose from, and it was so easy to just throw on one item and walk out the door every day. The only negative to the dresses was that as I got larger and larger, so did my thunder thighs! So for that reason, I also relied a lot on leggings and long tunics or tank dresses. You can layer either of these options with a button down, jacket, or coat for the colder months and swap out flip flops for flat riding boots or combat boots.


When all else fails, accessorize. A simple black dress can be taken to a whole new level by a statement necklace, an arm full of bangles, a scarf, a headpiece, or a rockin’ pair of shoes. I adhere to this philosophy whether or not I am pregnant, but found it a great way to express my style during pregnancy when I just didn’t feel like wearing anything but leggings.

You will only experience maternity fashion a few times in your life, so try to enjoy it as much as you can. I found it to be a fun daily challenge to come up with a look both cute and comfortable as I navigated my pregnancy. I surprised many people with some of my outfits and even surprised myself. Above all, just work that bump while you can!

Any great tips for dressing the beautiful bump?