Should You Do a Maternity Shoot? (Why It’s Worth It)

pregnancy photo with brother to be

Say you’re well into your third trimester and nearing the end of your pregnancy.  You feel uncomfortable, overweight, and your body has completely changed shape and is doing things you never imagined it could do.  And now someone has suggested you take professional maternity photos.  WHAT?

It may be the last thing you feel like doing right now.  I remember my face getting puffy, my arms big, my thighs turning into thunder, and my weight growing heavier than my husband’s.  I did not feel sexy or beautiful, and my back was killing me.  As a fashion blogger, I was used to having my photo taken and was already documenting my baby bump, but I can totally understand anyone’s desire to shy away from the camera at this point in a pregnancy.

However, I’m a big fan of maternity photo shoots, and I believe that although you may not feel comfortable taking them now, you will definitely appreciate it later.  I have talked to a number of moms who decided not to get them done for their first child, and are now regret not having captured that moment.  You will only look and feel this way for a tiny sliver of your life.  During your pregnancy, it feels like it may never end, but once it’s over, you realize it really is such a short experience in your overall life.  Most women will only be pregnant a few times at most.  I believe photos trigger memories, and having them will help you remember such an important milestone in your life.  It will help you remember what it looked and felt like to carry another human life inside you, and that is a beautiful thing.

My husband takes most of my blog photos, so I could have easily had him do a maternity shoot for me, but we decided we wanted to hire a professional so that we could both be involved in the shoot.  It was such a wonderful chance to bond with my husband and celebrate the fact that we were growing and creating our family together.  We also had a lot of fun, and it gave us the chance to be creative.  We actually did two professional photo shoots during my pregnancy. (Luckily I have friends and family in the photography business!) The first was a gender-reveal shoot where we had someone hide balloons in a box and our photographer caught our surprised reactions as we realized we were having a boy.  The second shoot was a more traditional one where my belly was bigger and we were counting down ‘til arrival time.

We also knew that a professional would really understand the best angles, lighting, and focus to make me look and feel as beautiful as possible during this time. Taking these photos is a reminder of what the female body is capable of, and I felt our photographer was really able to portray that feeling of a strong and nurturing mother through her expertise, style, and technique.

Lastly, I believe maternity photos could be excellent wall décor for the nursery or your bedroom.  It’s a reminder of how we all started and how far we have come.  I will forever cherish my maternity photos, and they will help me to never forget that feeling of being a mom well before my son entered the world, as we know it.

Did you do a maternity shoot? Why or why not?