Mom Lesson #1

When I was pregnant I told myself I wasn’t going to be a mom that took her daughter to the doctor for every single cough. Now that I’ve lived through my baby’s first fever, I’m guessing I’ll be rushing her to the doctor if she even looks at me weird.

Last week I woke up with a sore throat, runny nose and 101 degree fever. I went to snuggle back under the covers, when I heard a coo come out of the baby monitor. Whoa… eye-opening moment. I didn’t get to spend the day in bed.

Instead, I spent my morning plugging my nose with tissues and trying not to breathe on my daughter (which meant I wasn’t allowed to kiss her and proved to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done; I never realized how much I kissed those cheeks until they were forbidden!).

Unfortunately, I didn’t stay far enough away.

The next evening, I was feeling better, but I was up all night with a baby who had no idea it was possible to feel as bad as she did. Who couldn’t sleep unless she was physically sleeping on top of me. Who had no idea how to breathe without breathing through her nose. And it scared her.

But there’s no way she was as scared as her dad and I were.

Her fever shot past 102, and my husband was done waiting around for the children’s Tylenol to work. We spent 5 hours in the emergency room, herded like cattle with dozens of other sick children. When it was finally our turn to see the pediatrician, he told us that she had a viral upper respiratory infection and an ear infection that required antibiotics.

I feel incredibly guilty having let her sit in that much pain, and believe me, it will never happen again.

At what point do you take your baby to the doctor? Is there a certain temperature mark, or a certain symptom, or just a general feeling that you go by?