Mom Lesson: There’s No Place Like Home

two kids opening their christmas gifts

I can’t imagine Christmas without my mom and dad– it would be all kinds of wrong. That being said… maybe next year they need to make the trip to see us.

After a week of being crammed into my childhood bedroom that now currently holds my old full-size bed, a crib, plus all the luggage my husband, daughter and I need for the duration of our stay, I am on pins and needles to pack the car back up and make the long trek back home. I can almost feel my soft, comfortable bed now…

Make no mistake, I adore my family; people have even told me it’s a litle crazy how much we all like each other and want to be with each other 24/7. But, after having to get my kiddo’s schedule readdjusted and endure her crankiness of the messed up routine, not to mention fighting over the hot water in the shower, bumping into people in the hallway, and the general surliness that comes from cramped quarters, ten days begins to feel like quite a long time.

It’s not just on my end, either. As much as my dad adores my daughter, I can tell he’s tired of his living room doubling as a playroom, his office (and electric-guitar-jamming space) turned into a guest room, and his television taken over by home decor shows and celebrity entertainment news. Darn it, he just wants his SportsCenter back!

So, we will quickly ring in the New Year, and be on the road bright and early the next morning, my husband eager to get back to his own couch, and me to the ability to be able to spread out without feeling guilty.