Mom Lesson: Those Cute Outfits Might Not Fit!

Prepping for the arrival of your first child is one of the most intense, amazing and stressful times in your life. The best part? For me, it was buying lots of teeny tiny outfits and fantasizing about what my own child was going to look like in them. But it was confusing, too. What size was I supposed to buy?

The first time I browsed through the newborn racks, I actually laughed. Right out loud in the store. As if any baby of mine was going to be THAT tiny. So I opted to start with some 0- to 3-month clothes that would be weather appropriate for early October , when I was scheduled to deliver. After my first purchase, I couldn’t stop myself; I went on a buying spree, first calculating what the weather would be like at different stages in her development, and then stocking up on all those cute, itty-bitty clothes.

Well, my due date came and went, and when my baby arrived, I dressed her in the beautiful 0- to 3-month coming home outfit I had found, only to be shocked when it swallowed her. Thankfully, a good friend brought me a gift of newborn clothes, and that’s what she went home in, but even they were a little roomy on her small frame.

My baby didn’t remain in newborns for very long – luckily, since I didn’t have many backup outfits. The bad news was that she didn’t stay in the 0- to3-month clothes for very long either. Or the 3- to 6-month ones.

Mom Lesson: Just because your baby is a certain age doesn’t mean she’ll necessarily fit into the designated sizes.

I’d ended up with a tall little girl, and now, at 7 months old, I am scrambling to purchase clothes that fit, since the 9- to12-month outfits in her closet that she should be fitting in are all sweaters and long pants—not exactly ideal for Texas in May.

Does your child generally fit in clothing tagged for her age? Did you stock up on clothing early or did you plan (because you had the good foresight, unlike me) to just see how quickly (or not) your bundle grew?