Mom Saves Twins by Enduring 5 Months of Bed Rest

Think about being put on bed rest for 5 days. (Bo-ring!) Then picture doing it for5 weeks. (Ugh.) And now imagine what it was like for one dedicated mother-to-be, who was confined to strict bed rest – in a hospital – for 5 MONTHS.

After 3 rounds of IVF, British couple Lisa Copley and James Richardson were finally pregnant – and with twins! Unfortunately, that turned out to be the easy part. Due to a short and thinning cervix, which doctors didn’t think could handle the weight of her babies, Lisa was told the twins’ only chance of survival would be for her to lie practically motionless in bed until the babies matured to at least 24 weeks gestation, at which point their survival (with a great deal of medical intervention) would be more likely.

The 31-year-old mother was put on home bed rest at the end of her first trimester, and after a scan at 18 weeks showed her cervix was continuing to thin, she was immediately admitted to the hospital. And there she stayed for the next 16 weeks. Doctors would not allow her to leave her bed for anything other than quick bathroom breaks. Can you imagine?

To make matters worse, Lisa developed a horrible rash while in bed, and the muscles in her legs got so weak from not being used that when she tried to stand and walk (she was allowed a tour of the NICU at 28 weeks to prepare for the babies’ arrival), she could barely move and was put in a wheelchair instead. Even uncomplicated pregnancies can be hard on mothers, but Lisa took it all in stride: “When your babies’ lives are on the line, being in hospital for that long is easier than you think.”

By 34 weeks, doctors agreed the babies were out of the “danger zone,” and Lisa was finally allowed to go home. Only a week later, however, she developed pre-eclampsia, a dangerous condition that can be fatal for both babies and mothers, and the twins were delivered by C-section at 35 weeks. Baby girl Lola was perfectly healthy, and baby boy Luke spent only 3 days in the NICU before joining his family in the regular maternity ward. The twins are now nearly 5 months old, and their mother is back in full health herself.

She said: “Most people hate spending any time in hospital and can’t believe it when I tell them I was in for nearly half a year.… But as a mother, you will do anything to protect your babies. I’m just thrilled that it worked.”

I am too.

Read more details about her ordeal  (and see more photos of the adorable Luke and Lola,as well as pictures from this mom’s hospital stay!) here.

Photo by Jeremy Durkin, Daily Mail