More Photo Gift Ideas for the Holidays

beautiful vintage gift on the wooden desk - for christmas or birthday

Last week I talked about my top 5 photo gift ideas… but keeping it to 5 was tough! So here are 5 more…

Remember, as I said last week, if you’re using photos of your own kids, think about gifts you can create for spouses, grandparents, and your kids themselves. For friends and relatives, think about creating gifts featuring photos you have taken of their kids.

5 more fabulous photo gifts

1) Album

Grandparents love photo albums.  Give your mother-in-law a beautiful book she can show off to all her friends and you’ll be golden, at least for a few months!

Rag & Bone Bindery Accordion Book Nesting Dolls

I prefer albums where the photos aren’t behind plastic, at least for gifts. Check out Rag and Bone Bindery’s accordion albums (they come with photo mounts to make it extra easy for you!).  I’ve given these as gifts to the entire extended family, each family’s album featuring mostly them of course, with the grandparent versions featuring all the grandkids equally!

If you’re an Instagram addict, or simply like square photos, check out Rag and Bone’s Instagram albums.

Or choose a small album and mount one 5×7 per page.

Alternatively you can print a photo book. You can design and order books from Apple right from within iPhoto or Aperture, or you can order Blurb books from within Lightroom, or online.

Mpix, MyPublisher and Pinhole Press all have great books too.

2) iPhone case

I get so many compliments on my Uncommon iPhone case.  If you don’t already have one, you should definitely get one for yourself.  They also make great gifts, especially for spouses or grandparents.

You can also buy gift certificates for family and friends that you may not know well enough to feel comfortable picking a photo and designing a case for.

3) Notepad

How about a beautiful Pinhole Press notepad or Mpix sketchpad personalized with photos of your kids (for spouses and grandparents) or their kids (for other family and friends)?

I like the Pinhole Press playdate notebook too, especially as Liam has a whole long list of new classmates he wants to invite over.

Pinhole Press Scribble Pad

4) Ornaments

Mpix photo ornaments make great gifts for your own family or for others as an annual holiday tradition.

I plan on making one for each child each year and giving them to grandparents, too.

5) Magnets

Beautiful Mpix photo magnets can turn a fridge into a personal art gallery!  These are great for tucking into holiday or thank you cards as a little something extra.

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