Most Unusual Boys Names of 2015

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When many parents choose their babies’ names, they opt for something traditional and classic. Names like Benjamin and Aiden, for example, are always popular for their timelessness. However, because baby name trends are ever-changing, some moms and dads like to find options that are a bit more alternative and unique. Not sure whether you want to go traditional or nontraditional when naming your son? Read on for how to decide whether to choose an unusual name as well as a look at some of the top nontraditional boys’ names of 2015:

Should you name your son something unusual?

There are tons of baby names for boys that have a classic and conventional sound. However, in 2015 many parents are opting for unusual names that have some character and represent individuality. Why? In part because many celebrities are choosing nontraditional names for their children, including Abel, Tripp and Bingham, which makes the practice more mainstream. Naming your son something unusual is a great way to show originality and choose a name you really love.

Remember: If you’re worried about opting for something unconventional, a traditional middle name can help you find a balance between unique and over the top. Here’s a look at some of the most unusual boys’ names of 2015 to give you a few ideas:


Grayson is an originally English name that means “son of the steward.” Though the name is unusual and uncommon, it has a relatively classic sound that makes it a good choice for parents who are looking for a middle ground between traditional and nontraditional.


As a boys’ name, Tennessee brings to mind Tennessee Williams, the playwright who wrote “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “A Streetcar Named Desire.” The name, inspired by the southern state, is perfect for parents who live in the South.


Charleston is an interesting and modern take on the name Charles, but with a little bit of a vintage edge. Reminiscent of the Jazz Age, when the Charleston dance was popular, the name also has a geography-inspired spin that makes it interesting and hip.


Angus is a Gaelic name that has been very popular in Ireland for centuries. For that reason, the name is a good choice for parents who want to pay homage to their Irish heritage with a name that’s a bit unconventional in other countries.


Baby names inspired by nature are becoming increasingly trendy, which means boys’ names like River, Forrest and Dune are all exciting and modern options. River is a unisex name that could actually work for either a boy or a girl.


Blayde is similar in sound to Blayden, another name that originally comes from Irish roots. Both have unique sounds and are interesting alternatives to similar and more traditional names, like Jayden or Caden.


Kai is sometimes used as a nickname for the biblical name Malachi, but on its own, it’s an unusual but exciting choice. Another possible unisex name, Kai has several origins. In Hawaiian, the name means “of the sea,” while in China, it represents victory.

Unconventional names aren’t for everyone, but they can be fun alternatives if you’re looking for something unique to your family.