Most Unusual Girls’ Names of 2015

red haired girl smiling

You may have gone to school with a countless number of girls named Sara or Jessica when you were younger and didn’t think twice about it. In the past, naming your baby something traditional was considered the norm. Now, however, new parents want to spring for a little more originality for their baby names.

Over the years, baby names have become increasingly more unique. Parents are looking for names that are more meaningful rather than ones that just sound nice. If you’re expecting and want to name your baby girl something distinctive, check out some of the most unusual girls’ baby names of 2015:

Names that end in the letter ‘y’

In 2015, parents chose more girl names that ended in the letter “y.” But these aren’t traditional like Carly or Kelly. Instead, parents chose names like Ziggy, Tiggy and Poesy, which were at the top of the list for the most unusual baby names of 2015. Baby names that end in “y” are fun and roll off the tongue easily.

In addition, some families have been known to keep this technique as their families continue to grow. For instance, if they have three baby girls, they’ll name all of them something that ends in the letter “y,” like Riley, Ainsley and Lizzy to create a pattern that flows nicely when said all together.

Color names inspired by gems

Names inspired by colors aren’t necessarily a new tactic, but parents of 2015 had a different take on this. You might have come across a few girls who are named after colors that are also found in nature, like Violet or Rose – colors and flowers.

However, in 2015, parents named more baby girls after colors that are also rare gems. For example, Opal is a semiprecious stone that diffracts light and takes on many different shades, from blue to magenta to black. Emerald is a shade of green but also a valuable gemstone. Amethyst, a semiprecious, purple stone, is often used in jewelry, was also a top contender for unusual girl names in 2015, according to Bounty.

If you like the idea of naming your little girl after a gem that relates to a color, you could make it easy and just use her corresponding birthstone. For instance, March is Aquamarine and June is Pearl. That way, your little girl knows where her name derived from based on the month she was born. In addition, you could make it a tradition to buy her jewelry that embodies this color.

Weather names

Names based on seasons have been pretty common over the years, but in 2015, the tides changed a bit – literally and figuratively. Instead of names based on seasons like Autumn or Summer, parents started naming their baby girls inspired by weather conditions. The name Rain picked up in 2015, and some families even added an extra “n” at the end, for either gender.  Blaze or Blaise, which means extreme heat, could also work for your baby girl or boy. These types can work as middle names, too like Winter or Breeze.

Naming your baby after something in nature like weather or a season could be a great way to preserve and convey the conditions of the day she was born. Don’t forget about widespread conditions, however. For example, if your baby is born while there is a hurricane going on somewhere in the world, you could pick up the hurricane’s name. In 2015, the big tropical storms that were named after women were Ana, Claudette, Erika, Grace, Ida and Kate. This is a great way to add a little history and significance to your little girl’s name.