Mother Tucking

Mother holding his son's feet

My kids don’t cuddle me as much as they use to anymore. I miss the cuddling. It’s been replaced with sitting so very close and tucking their hands or feet under my body.

Otherwise known as mother tucking.

It translates to “I want my own personal space so I’m not interested in your lap right now. However I want you to know I’m still here.” I did it with my parents and both my kids do it with me.

It’s a term or action of endearment. I need your warmth and touch. I love you. I need to feel you near me just not in a cuddly kinda way.

Or, more realistic, “Mom, my feet are really cold.”

No one in my house likes socks. There are only bare “feets” around here and our house is wall to wall hardwood and tile. My hubs and I wear slippers like little housemaids but my kids, not so much. I could duct tape socks to my kid’s feet and they would bite through that tape like a prisoner getting chance to escape hell. Socks aren’t gonna happen unless shoes and a trip outside is involved.

Therefore, my children have feet that range between 30 and below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet they are never sick. Go figure. Cold feet, warm hearts–and immune systems.

Those moments when something in their head goes Hmmm… I think my feet are a touch chilly. I could go get my blanket but why when Mom’s heat radiating butt is right THERE.

I jump up a lot … if I just went polar swimming.

My darling kids come first. As long as I’m not holding hot coffee.

My kids, those mother tuckers.