My House Is Fully Of Pooh, Rabbit, and Eeyore. Yours?

A horizontal studio shot of the fictional cartoon characters Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. Here Winnie the Pooh is standing in the foreground waving and is the focal point of the image, while the other characters are defocused in the background.

Our week has been one of roller coaster emotions. Between my son and my daughter, I think I’ve seen recreations of all the members of The Hundred Acre Wood.

My baby girl started the week as Pooh bear. She asked for “honey on my toast, pease?” and then finished off her brother’s when he walked away from it. Shortly after, there was an incident involving the chair back pegs and Pooh Baby H’s foot.

It was not an incident with her round tummy but it was relevant as her brother had to pull her out.

During the week, Pooh Baby H continued to ask and, when that didn’t work, TAKE food off of everyone’s plate. I believe I lost a few pounds during this time.

Later on, Pooh Baby H turned into Tigger. I’m assuming the sugar (honey) played a part of the pogo jumping sans a pogo stick. She might have also been because she snuck a sip or two of my iced Carmel macchiato.

CP took the role as the bossy Rabbit telling her the rules and regulations of the house. While he’s in his room metaphorically tending to his garden (playing Legos) and she came to “help” (tossed Legos all over the room) him. As Tigger Baby H, she destroyed his room in two minutes. It was an epic argument ending with:

“You need to stop bouncing forever!”

(She wasn’t willing to oblige, thank goodness. I never want my little one to lose her Tigger-ness.)

Now, as per usual, both of my children will fall into the mopey and emotional character of Eeyore. Gratefully, not at the same time. Two sad and mopey children is almost worse than two crazed and out-of-control ones. It’s OK to feel sad sometimes. It’s good that they learn about their emotions and how to handle their feelings.

When Eeyore Baby H arrives, it’s usually around nap or bed time. After the screams, her mopes begin. She feels her feelings and settles into her place.

She doesn’t embrace her inner Eeyore like CP does. He wakes up as Eeyore, eats breakfast as Eeyore, and slowly evolves out of Eeyore until around 8pm. Once the nighttime comes around, he goes back to the Eeyore mopes. Complete with losing his tail (a favorite toy) and needing our help, tearfully, to find it before going to bed.

I bet you read this and see a little bit of those characters in your children. I love being Christopher Robin to my silly ol’ bears or my bouncy Tiggers or my moody and emotional Eeyores.

They are a reflection of me, my hubs and our family. A sweet family of characters and reading the A.A.Milne books will keep them in their hearts as the remain in mine.