My Kid Is 5 Going On 23

Birthday Cake on Stage with Number 5 Candles

For those of you that didn’t know, I’m a February baby. It’s the 5th. My son was my present in 2008. His birthday is the 8th. I usually celebrate my birthday along with Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter who’s playing. I love the socialization, the games to play and of course the food.

What was I saying?!?
Oh yeah!!! Birthdays!!

CP knows his birthday is coming close. There’s some Lego Batman Wii video game that gets brought up in conversation more than juice lately. He also is aware that my birthday is happening too.

Mom, you know what you need for your birthday? That Batman video game! Then we can play together!

Two words, kiddo. Spa day.

Ok mom? Ok mom ok mom? K? K, mom?


Why? It’ll be fun!!

True but I don’t want a video game. Why don’t you ask for that?

Nah. I want a house and a job like Daddy for my birthday.


I think you should shoot for the video game for now.


You’re being bossy.

Excuse me?

Nothing. Happy birthday mom.

Think I’m bossy? Go get that job.