My Little Girl, the Tomboy

Gender toys

We are a blessed family of four. My husband and I have two children – a son and one daughter. My boy is all boy and my baby girl… well, she likes hanging out with my boy. She also likes hanging out with my husband. Sometimes, she doesn’t go to me at all. She favors my son’s trucks and trains over her dolls and stuffed animals.

Does this mean she’s rejecting being a girl?  I don’t think so. I grew up with 7 brothers. Many a day I spent underneath my tricycle “fixing” it. I wore my brother’s baseball hats. I would sit in their rooms listening to KISS. Being the only girl and the youngest, I think my mom feared I would lean toward a boyish lifestyle. I think now I was training for diversity.

I love that my daughter finds joy in “boy” type toys. And really, is that even a thing anymore? Boys play with Barbie dolls, girls play with monster trucks. This is more normal now than it was when I was growing up. I remember wanting to play with the Millennium Falcon at daycare, but they wouldn’t let me and put me in a corner with a dollhouse. I recall crying.

This would never happen to my child. I’d never let it happen.

Does she have the makings of a tomboy? Who cares if she does. I want her to grow up feeling like an individual.

Do you see your son or daughter showing favoritism in gender-based toys? How do you feel about your baby playing with toys geared toward a certain gender?