My Son and Breast Milk Lollipops

Cute blond two year old boy posing on a white background

It was our first day back from Disneyland. My kids are playing quietly, for the most part, in the living room. After spending a total of 12 minutes on the new toys that they got from the theme park, my son decides to revert back to being a baby. With that comes him changing from underwear to a diaper and sucking on clothes. I assume that he is doing this because:

1) He saw tons of cute babies that his mom gooed over at Disneyland
2) The news report this morning got him thinking. It was about Breast Milk Lollipops.

During breakfast, CP and I watched the news and there was a piece on a new breast milk flavored lollipop. It is not actually made out of breastmilk just so you guys know but rather that it was given the flavor of breastmilk based on the inventor’s “favorite” flavors.

I don’t know about you but to me that would mean the inventor’s memory is either amazing or this guy’s got some serious issues that he needs to deal with. I figure he’s around his 30s and his mom is still living in his home. Anywho, this prompted a fun conversation between CP and myself.

No, mommy doesn’t produce milk anymore. However, long time ago you guys were both big breast milk drinkers for about oh probably a few months.

I told him that I think all the milk is gone….probably. I really have to stop joking around with him like that.

Fast forward to his baby-play, he cuddles up with a toy and coos a baby coo while I sip my soda. Out of nowhere really, Kristi, are you really that naive?, the boy starts sucking. On my shirt.

I look down.

Honey. There’s no more milk. I hope you don’t think I’m a lollipop.

He looks up at me and says..

No, mom. I’m sucking the soda off that you spilled on your shirt. I like soda.

Who’s the sucker now?