‘Nap Nanny’ Warning

As parents we’re all desperate for something, anything that will help our babies sleep better.

Unfortunately, using one such product marketed for that purpose, “the Chill” Nap Nanny portable baby recliner, poses potential risks of falls and even death, according to an administrative complaint filed by the Federal Government’s Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Per the Christian Science Monitor, five babies died, and 70 have been injured from falling out of the recliner, according to the complaint, which seeks an order that Nap Nanny manufacturer Baby Matters inform consumers of the product’s risks. However, in some of the cases, the recliner was used inappropriately by the consumer, and most of the injuries and four of the deaths were attributed to the first version of the recliner, not the new one issued in 2011. Baby Matters went out of business a month ago.

Do you have a Nap Nanny? How carefully do you follow manufacturers’ instructions when using a new product?