Natural Pregnancy Beauty Products, Part 2

Pregnant lady applying cream

Pregnancy is all about transformation. While some of the changes are positive: feeling baby’s gentle kicks and preparing for an expanded family – other alterations can be more challenging.

Let’s be honest: growing a baby can wreak havoc on your body. Many women feel queasy and tired on the inside and stretched and puffy on the outside. I know I did. I also felt stuffed up and sneezy; irritable and sad; and my skin was dry and flaking – not exactly a sexy nine months.

But throughout both my pregnancies, I found taking daily small steps to perk up my appearance had a significant trickle-down effect on my overall wellbeing. So, I armed myself with an arsenal of natural and organic beauty products – always remembering that the skin is the body’s biggest organ and whatever I put on it would eventually end up in my bloodstream — and in my baby. In addition to daily use of these four magical products, my pregnancy routine included regular application of these safe and effective personal care items. Translation: I couldn’t get enough of these goods.

Zoe Organics Belly Butter

Stretch marks may be a pregnant woman’s most tenacious foe. Over ninety percent of women who give birth will receive this telltale marking – a lifelong reminder of the work you did to bring your babe into the world. But you don’t have to give up easily. I refused to go down without a fight. I applied Zoe Organic’s luscious whipped Belly Butter every day of my pregnancy. The fluffy stuff melts smoothly across the biggest of bellies, spreading moisturizing, essential oil-enhanced goodness (think rose geranium, ylang ylang, sandalwood and chamomile) that absorbs quickly and easily. And a little goes a long way – just a dab will do it. [$34; 4 oz]

Alaffia Virgin Coconut & Shea Hydrating Body Lotion

The belly may be the main attraction during pregnancy, but the rest of your body is also feeling the effects of your growing baby. I know that during – and after – pregnancy my skin takes on Sahara-like levels of dryness. I keep the rest of my parts – with special focus on thighs and upper arms – smooth and silky with Alaffia’s delicious Virgin Coconut and Shea lotion. This potion is rich and creamy, yet light and smooth. It goes on easy and quick. And the scent is delectable (I’ve been tempted to take a lick during some particularly peckish pregnant moments). [$8.95; 8 oz].

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Leg and Foot Crème

Pregnancy number two was full of surprises – wicked allergies, months of insomnia, a fierce predilection for grapefruit – and leg cramps were at the top of the list. I spent most of my pregnant hours with a low, thumping ache in my both of my calves, punctuated with the sporadic middle-of-the-night cramps that would jolt me out of bed. Mama Bee’s Leg and Foot Crème addresses this specific issue directly with ingredients designed to calm the crankiest of calves – peppermint oil, witch hazel and tea tree oil among others. It’s is particularly effective when rubbed on by your partner, who’s probably looking for a way to help. [$9].

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