No, Mommy. No “Whips”!

picture of 2 year old

I love that my 2 year old and I have daily dialogue. Things about the day and play activities and the like. Lately, my daughter has been noticing me putting on chapstick because of the windy and chilly weather. I’m one big piece of flake and I’m coating my lips, face and body with lotion and balms. She is not taking to my desire to get my daily kissing fix.

Mom. I no like whips

*points at her lips*

Your lips?

Your whips.

Awwww… So, no kissing?

No. Kiss whips

Kiss nose?

ok. *kisses my nose*

Thank you.


Kiss lips?


No! No whips!!

Shoot! I thought I fooled you.

You no fool Haddie. No fool Haddie EVER.

Good to know. The bar is set.