Now You Can Get Your Celebrity Mom (and Baby) Fix at Mom365!

Since its launch, Mom365 has been a go-to resource for pregnancy tips and candid discussions of motherhood. But admit it–you kind of also want to know how the other half parents, right? That’s why we’re adding celebrity moms to the roster of topics covered on Mom365!

My  name is Natalie Zutter, and I’ve been blogging about celebrities since 2009. Most recently I wrote for Crushable, where we tackled the important topics like the BeyoncĂ© surrogate rumors; how the Duggar family handled Michelle Duggar’s miscarriage on their reality show; and what happens after celebrities who have been trying to get pregnant see their wishes fulfilled. I’ll be bringing that same mix of irreverence and serious discussion to Mom365. For the moment, you’ll see these posts on the Pregnancy and Baby pages, but soon we’ll have our own page–stay tuned for that!

Mom365’s celebrity blog will be the place to go for the latest pregnancy news and announcements, especially since these days it seems as if famous folks are taking to their Twitter and Instagram accounts to share their big news. You may not have noticed, but 2013 is an awesome year for pregnant stars. The two big ones are Kate Middleton’s Royal Baby and Kim Kardashian — both due this summer! — but we’re also eagerly following moms like Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, and Gwyneth Paltrow and their famous offspring.

We’ll cover the nude magazine covers, the boy/girl/twin rumors, and those moms that are first-timers versus the ones who are old hat at this. Can they have it all as a mother and a celebrity? Every mom is different — which everyone here knows better than anyone — and motherhood means a whole different thing in Hollywood. So stick around for the latest news, photos, and opinion posts!

Photo: Twitter