Once The Children Leave Us Alone, I’d Like a Bathroom Makeover, Please.

picture of an outdoor toilet with a sign that says "open"

The bathroom. Created for privacy. Hopefully, that also includes comfort and beauty.

The bathroom in your house most likely has a door and walls..maybe a small window. It was designed for privacy because what you do in there should be a private matter. Actions like being naked to bathe need privacy. Using the toilet requires privacy. Shaving..um…”things,” VERY private. Most people want very much to be left alone during these tasks. If those people are also parents, they want it more than anything else in the entire universe!!!

Ahem, not that I’m complaining…much. Truthfully, I’m not a fan of hanging out in our main bathroom. It’s pretty, let’s say, outdated.

It’s stuck in the 60’s and not in a retro cool kinda way. (At right is the bathroom I wish I had.)

We currently live in a “family” home. This means the house belongs in my husband’s family. Right now, things are pretty tight financially to make alterations to the guest bathroom or any other part of the home. This may be a blessing in disguise as if I could fix up the eyesore of a bathroom, I would go all makeover crazy on it.

Gold on gold wheat plants. All the rage in the 60’s…I think.

Superficially, the bathroom needs:

  • Wallpaper ( The current one is gold on gold with what looks like wheat plants all over.)
  • Tile (The color ivory is fine. It’s just lifting in the corners.)
  • The toilet and sink (They are both pinky peach, light My Little Pony pink slash peach.)
  • A new bathtub/shower (Complete with claw feet and big enough for me and Adam Levine to take a long bath and discuss our day)

Realistically, the bathroom needs:

  • About four more feet out in a direction, I don’t care which way!
  • A new sink complete with beautiful new bathroom faucets
  • Safe fixtures that the children can use without fear of hurting themselves.
  • A bigger/ wider bathtub (Seriously, I’m 5′ 5″ and my legs don’t fit.)
  • Did I mention that the fixtures are PINKY PEACH?

Because of the need or want for all these changes, I’m OK with the interruptions from my little ones….for now. It’s not a dream bathroom by any means but if dreams do come true, it’ll be the first to get a facelift.

That will include a bolt on the door.

Hi. I’m a peach sink. Please put me out of my misery.