Ouch! 6 Tips to Reduce Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and back pain go hand-in-hand. And while this kind of pain may be annoying — or truly debilitating – the aches and pains make sense if you think about it.

By the third trimester (the most achy period of pregnancy), you’re carrying a giant beach ball of baby and as your body compensates for the extra weight, your center of gravity moves, your abdominal muscles weaken (um, disappear) and your posture shifts. Factor in hormonal changes that loosen joints and ligaments and you’ve got the makings of some very real back pain.

And pain can actually crop up very early in pregnancy — those ligament-relaxing hormones get right to work!

What can you do to for relief? Try these six lifesavers. 

6 Tips to Reduce Back Pain in Pregnancy