Peace of Mind and a Good Night’s Sleep

Baby sleeping with Owlet Monitor

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I remember the first night I brought my son home. I was full of fear, angst, and an awareness that I would likely never sleep well again. Worrying about all of the worst possible scenarios was enough to get me out of bed every twenty minutes to check he was still breathing. I know I’m not the only parent to wake in a panic the first time their baby slept for several hours without interruption.

I still remember that deep fear of what you might find. Thankfully, my worries were always unfounded—but they were still there. When my first child was born eight years ago I know I would have been able to sleep soundly if there had been a product like Owlet available.

Owlet is a hypoallergenic Smart Sock your baby wears at bedtime. The Smart Sock is the only monitor to use the same type of technology hospitals use to check the heart rate and oxygen saturation of your little one. It’s called pulse oximetry and it’s in the clip they put on your finger when you go to the hospital.

If relying on an alert isn’t enough peace of mind, Owlet also connects to your smartphone and displays your baby’s live vitals. If you’re expecting a baby soon, or already have a newborn, this is the one product you shouldn’t go without.

Owlet is available through their website ( It’s a product with high demand so order yours soon.