Peaches Geldof Found “Astala” in a Baby Name Book

Peaches Geldof has stuck to her guns and named her baby boy by the full set of names she talked before the birth in late April: Astala Dylan Willow Cohen-Geldof. Peaches discussed the name – which is just slightly shorter than Peaches’s full name, Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof – with Hello! magazine a couple of months ago.

Astala is an unusual choice-one that Peaches said they found in a baby name book, adding that it was “quite an obscure one.” The name has a more feminine feel with its -ala ending, but can certainly go either way. It is also reminiscent and a nice deviation from popular Ash- names like Ashton and Asher, that have been climbing the charts lately.

As for the rest, NameCandy explained back in February that “Dylan is said to be a nod to music legend Bob Dylan and Willow is in honor of Warwick Davies’s character in the eponymous film.”

Astala’s name may be longer than average, but two middle names isn’t so unusual and the hyphenated last name tacks on a bunch of letters. Other than filling out standardized test forms, is having a long name really so bad?

You tell us: When is a name too long? Would you or have you given your baby two middle names? What do you think of Astala Dylan Willow?