Photo Gifts for Teachers and Sitters

photo gifts end of year

end of school gift ideasI can’t believe some kids have finished the school year already! Here in NYC we have another month to go… time to start thinking about gifts for teachers, or, if your child is not yet in school, other childcare provider and caregiver gifts.

Typically what I have heard from friends who are teachers is that what teachers really appreciate at the end of the year is… cash. However, a small, thoughtful, personalized gift can be  meaningful. I’ve talked in the past about school photo books but if you’re not up for such a big project, there are much simpler ways you can use photos to show your appreciation.

The trick is to remember that your child is just one of hundreds of children a teacher will teach over the course of their career, and they can’t possibly hold onto every personalized mug or framed photo they might receive.

So here are three easy ways to thank your teacher for an awesome year through photos without giving them something that could ultimately be burdensome to keep:

1) Photo thank you card

You can’t go wrong with a heartfelt letter of appreciation written by you or your child. Of course, a photo isn’t required, but for an extra special touch, create a custom card.

end of year gifts moo cards

I like the cards and postcards from Moo because you can choose a different photo for each card in the pack. You can also print photos and mount them on blank cards.Tip: print at 4×6 and mount on 5×7 cards.


2) Treat with photo label

Check out these Photo Collection Goodie Labels/Bags from Pinhole Press. These are not just for wedding favors or baby showers!

end of year gifts for teachers pinhole press photo labels
Image via Pinhole Press

Put together a small goodie bag for all your child’s teachers.  You can include small notebooks, pens, candy or whatever you think they might like, and it can also be a fun way to present a cash or gift card tucked in there with a few small items and, of course, a written note.

3) Small photo book

If you’ve taken some great photos over the course of the year, but aren’t up for putting together an entire class year book, you can still make a small book of your own with your photos to gift to your child’s teacher.

blurb photo books
Image via Blurb

There are many great book vendors but check out Blurb.  I like their square books.  If you have a Mac, it is super easy to create books within iPhoto or Aperture. I really like their small softcover books. Each page has one full bleed photo making it really easy to design.

For babysitters and other childcare providers

All of the ideas above work great for babysitters and other childcare providers, but as they will likely care for far fewer children, a bigger personalized gift such as an album or framed photo is a great idea.

Learn more about how to take the kinds of great photos that make timeless gifts, and get more ideas for photo projects in the Photosanity Workshop.