Popular Spanish Boys Names for 2016

Strong. Family focused. And ready to lead. When it comes to the most popular Spanish boys names, these are some of the key characteristics of nearly every name on the list. Some have religious undertones, while others are all set to do battle with their powerful meaning.

Although a couple have more romantic leanings, no one would mistake them for soft and squishy; even Yahir, which means handsome, sounds very masculine. Do those types of baby names strike your fancy? Whether you have a Hispanic background or just love Spanish-origin names, this list of top Spanish baby boys names is sure to satisfy.

  1. Jose: An extremely common name in Spanish-speaking countries, it means he who gets bigger.
  2. Jaden: This one is also super popular in the United States, where in 2015 it was number 201 on the Social Security Administration’s baby names list.
  3. Javier: It means shining and bright.
  4. Thiago:  Translated Thiago refers to Saint James. You might also consider Tiago, the Spanish version of John or James, or the nickname of Santiago.
  5. Cruz: The name of one of David Beckham’s boys, it translates to cross.
  6. Arlo: This name comes from the Spanish word for bayberry, a type of tree.
  7. Ramon: Meaning hands that shelter and protect, Ramon is also a variant of Raymond.
  8. Alessandro: The Spanish version for Alexander means defender of men. Sandro is a common nickname.
  9. Bo: It’s a popular unisex name.
  10. Alonso: Pick this one for a loyal little boy who will go to the line for you. Alonso means warrior, battle ready, or of noble heart and mind.
  11. Salvatore: Who wouldn’t want a little Salvatore around? The name means always looking to help someone.
  12. Yahir: Expect beautiful things when you name a baby Yahir, which stands for good looking and handsome.
  13. Vicente: A strong choice, a baby Vicente could be a leader or ruler.
  14. Alfonso: This one means prepared and waiting, of nobility and royalty.
  15. Rey: A little Rey might become a protector of family, a leader, or ruler.
  16. Xzavier: A variant of Xavier, both mean new house.
  17. Felipe: Does your family have a lot of pets? Then a Felipe would fit right in! It’s the perfect name for a lover of animals and nature.
  18. Carlo: Like its popular cousin Carlos, Carlo stands for family oriented and joyful.
  19. Rolando: If you want your child to be popular and likeable, start by naming him Rolando. A variant of Orlando, it means well known, friendly, sociable, and loved by all.
  20. Santos: A Santos is no slouch, his name won’t allow it! The beautiful choice implies one who strives for perfection or keeps expectations high.
  21. Jairo: Those with a strong faith might like Jairo, which means student of God.
  22. Tadeo: This beautiful one has an equally lovely meaning: a lover, someone who opens their heart to others.
  23. Cortez: You can’t go wrong choosing Cortez for your son, which stands for polite and courteous.
  24. Jair: For fans of strength and power, Jair might suffice: it means warrior, ready for war.
  25. Mariano: Like the former New York Yankees’ superstar pitcher, Mariano Rivera, this name is tough, rugged, and stereo-typically male.

What do you think of this list? Is there a Spanish name here that you love for your little?