Potty Train My Toddler Before #2 Arrives?

potty training

As I sit here at 16 weeks of my pregnancy with baby number two, I wonder if maybe I should potty train my toddler before my second baby arrives. Would it make things easier on me as a mom to only have one child in diapers at a time? Does it really make a difference? Is my 18-month-old son ready to start now? Or does it make more sense to just wait?

All of these thoughts have crossed my mind, and ultimately I think it depends more on my son and less on me. I might be ready, but that doesn’t mean he is ready. If he is not ready, I don’t think the process is going to work making an extremely crazy stressful situation for everyone involved. As much as I may dread changing two sets of diapers every day, the last thing a mother of a newborn needs to deal with through sleep deprivation and breastfeeding is cleaning up a million accidents around the house (and outside of the house!).

Usually potty training happens around the ages of 18 month to 3 years, so that is a big time frame and every child is different. If your child is on the older end of the spectrum and you think there’s enough time to master potty training before your new baby’s arrival, then go for it!

But I would not advise starting too close to your due date or another other major life event, because it can create stress and stress is never conducive to a successful potty training experience. If you do happen to master potty training before baby’s arrival, don’t be surprised if there are a few minor setbacks once baby gets here. It’s perfectly normal, and should resolve itself in a few weeks.

I have decided to let my son lead in the potty training experience. Of course, I will show him how it works, what he is supposed to do, get him comfortable with the idea of going to the bathroom on the potty, read him books for encouragement, congratulate him for doing it correctly, etc. but I refuse to push him into it unless he is truly ready. Not only for his own good, but also for the sake and sanity of our entire family during this life changing time.

Some signs of readiness include:

-awareness of a wet or dirty diaper

-awareness of peeing and is able to tell you

-being dry for at least two hours

-waking up with a dry diaper after a nap

If you are seeing these signs, then I would say go full steam ahead!

From the experienced mamas out there, what have you decided when it comes to potty training your toddlers? Is it better to wait or do it before your second baby’s arrival?