Potty Training Tip and Tricks

potty training tips

Is it time to ditch the diapers and potty train your toddler? If so,  here’s how to do it with minimal tears and tantrums. Try simple potty training tips to help the process go more smoothly.

Don’t force it. One of the most important rules for successful potty training is not to push or rush him into it. Don’t try just because he recently turned 2 or some of his friends are being potty trained. If he’s not ready, he’ll make it clear. So if he’s resistant, stop trying and go back to it again in a few months.

Be patient. Potty training typically requires a lot of trial and error, plenty of waiting with your child while she sits on the potty, and frequent accidents. But the worst thing you can do is lose your cool. Just take deep breaths and be patient. She’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Have a little potty nearby. Buy a child’s potty – preferably one that plays a song or cheers when your toddler uses it successfully – and keep it in or near the room where he spends the most time. That way, he’s more likely to make it there in time when he has to go, which will build his confidence that he can do it.

Offer rewards. One of the best potty training tricks is to give your child stickers, toys, candy, or other treats every time she pees on the potty. Some parents hand out different prizes for doing number 2, telling Mommy or Daddy that she has to go, or mastering the “big potty.” However you decide to do it, you’ll likely find that it really works!

Put your child on the potty at frequent intervals whether he asks to go or not. When you’re first starting out, sit your toddler down on the little potty every hour or so and wait to see if anything happens. That way, he gets the hang of it. You can stretch it to every two or three as he starts to learn to go on the potty – and in time, he’ll go by himself when he has to.

Buy fun “big girl” or “big boy” pants. A great way to get your child excited about going on the potty is to buy “big girl” or “big boy” pants. Choose ones with his or her favorite characters on them. Your little one will look forward to putting those on every morning and will be more motivated to use the potty too.

Have your child go pants-free. Some parents say taking your child’s pants or clothes off when you’re just starting out is a good way to train her to use the potty. Without a diaper on, she won’t want to just go to the bathroom with nothing to “catch” what she does – and in turn, that can make her more open to going on the potty instead.

Lavish praise. Throughout the entire process, it’s important that you praise and compliment your child constantly for what a good job he’s doing. The positive reinforcement will give him the confidence and encouragement to keep going until he’s fully potty trained.