Practical Exercises To Do When You’re Pregnant

A multi-ethnic group of people are stretching after a fitness class in a gym studio.

Although expectant mothers may fear physical activity during pregnancy, movement offers many benefits, including improved mood, better sleep and reduction of body aches. Here are some exercises moms can do while they’re carrying their child.


If you’re experiencing lots of soreness and pain, one of the best types of movement is swimming. Not only is it safe, but the exercise works the large muscle groups while building cardiovascular strength. Furthermore, being in the water can be soothing and relaxing for expectant moms. Feeling weightless is a major draw of swimming and can encourage moms to continue moving.

It’s not uncommon for moms to have tight muscles throughout their pregnancy. To improve flexibility, you can practice yoga. The exercise trains expectant mothers in breathing techniques they can utilize during labor while also increasing relaxation. As your pregnancy progresses, be cognizant of the positions that are too difficult to complete and cut them out of your movements to continue practicing yoga safely.

An easy way to fit exercise into your schedule is complete a few brisk walks per day. The length and speed of the movement depends on the expectant mother’s ability and comfort at various parts of her pregnancy. Many moms continue this physical activity right up until the end of term, as it can help induce contractions on delivery day.

If you’re worried about what kind of exercise and level of difficulty is best for your specific pregnancy, consult a doctor.