Pregnancy Time Lapse Videos

Pregnant lady

Are you taking regular photos of your growing belly? Even if all you can manage is a quick shot in the mirror with your phone in the morning, don’t miss this easy opportunity to record the crazy ways your body is changing in such a short amount of time (even though it doesn’t always seem so short).

After the baby’s born – if you have time, energy and technical skill – you might want to combine all the photos to create a really sweet video keepsake for yourself, for family and friends who live far away, and/or for your future child.

A good way to end up with a video worth keeping is to snap each belly shot against the same backdrop, and maybe in the same outfit, as a way to mark your belly’s progress. (Just remember to wear stretchy clothes at the beginning!)

One of my favorite belly-shot videos was created by one of my favorite writers and photographers, Ryan Marshall from Pacing the Panic Room. “She’s Got the Magic” is a montage of photos from an extended fashion shoot he did with his wife, Cole, when she was pregnant with their daughter, Tessa. It’s as much about fashion as about the belly, and maybe even more than that it’s about a husband who clearly adores his adorable wife. Read the full post here for more details about the project.


Another great pregnancy time lapse video (and another one shot and edited by a proud papa) is this one of Lucy, which I’ve watched dozens of times because it’s so stinkin’ cute.

Have you seen any great pregnancy time lapse videos or photo montages? Are you planning to make one of your own? (Mine from last time is at the bottom of this post; the belly shots start at about the 2:00 mark.)