Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt Works It Out

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt is just as cute as a button. I was really happy to hear she is expecting a baby with her handsome fiancé and “Client List” costar Brian Hallisay. She just seems like the sweetest, most genuine person who will surely make a great mom.

So of course I’ve been following her pregnancy story. From what she’s craving to what she’s having (they’re not finding out!) and now, what she’s doing to stay in shape. (She looks amazing!) J. Love recently told, “I’ve actually worked out more pregnant than when I wasn’t. I’ve been working out about five to six days a week. I do a lot of swimming, pilates, yoga – all good stuff for baby and for me. It gets difficult the bigger you get because it’s more uncomfortable, but it’s important.”

So true! Staying in shape is important whether you’re pregnant or not, but it’s maybe even more so when you’re expecting. Exercising offers so many health benefits for mom and baby! Working out — whether it’s walking or swimming or prenatal yoga — gets your heart pumping more oxygen-rich blood to your organs and your baby. Exercise also helps to stave off depression, keep weight gain to a minimum, tone muscles and keep them strong – the list of benefits is endless!

Your body is a perfectly formed machine that is meant to be used. The better shape you keep it in, the easier it will be to move it and use it when you need it – like for childbirth! And losing the baby weight will be that much easier (and maybe quicker!) if you’ve been keeping in shape throughout your pregnancy.

Of course you should always talk to your doctor about whatever workouts you’re doing or planning to start doing. Your doc might recommend wearing a heart-rate monitor while you work out to make sure you’re not overdoing it. He or she will probably also recommend sticking with basic stuff like walking or dancing and avoiding more extreme sports like skiing or surfing (hey, ya never know!). Just do what feels right and listen to your body; enjoy working it and rest when you need it!