Prepare for the Holidays with No Resentment

Stress free holiday card planning is easy when you go one step at a time

I know, it’s way too early for holiday commercials on TV and holiday displays in stores. We don’t want to hear holiday music yet… it was only just Halloween!

However, as a busy working mom with two young kids who are in their prime “holiday magic” years, I noticed last year that waiting until after Thanksgiving to start prPlanning without resentment - Preparing for Christmas in Novembereparing for the holidays just doesn’t work for me. There isn’t enough time, at least not without a lot of stress.

So this year, I have decided to embrace the fact that holiday planning starts in November!

And I am inviting you to join me.

Feel a little resentful about the idea of starting this early? Think of it this way, everything you do in November is one less thing you have to do in December, which means more time in December to actually enjoy the season rather than stress out over it.

Are you with me?!

Ok good, because I really want to make this happen! Over the next few weeks, I’ll share a few tips to get ahead on your photo related holiday projects, from sending out a holiday photo card and preparing photo related gifts to capturing the moment during the season itself (because let’s be clear, I’m not suggesting the season start early, just the planning for it!).

So this week let’s start with holiday card planning, and in fact, this is a big enough project that I’ll be devoting the next couple of blog posts to it as well. Plus read to the bottom to find out about my free holiday card workbook that you can download from my site!

First though, where to start with planning a holiday photo card?Holiday Card Planning

One of the biggest dilemmas that people face with their holiday photo card is… what photo to use? Is it ok to pick a favorite from over the summer? Do you have to dress your kids up in seasonal clothing and take a photo specially?

What if you don’t have a good photo and the idea of taking one feels overwhelming?

I’m here to tell you, don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Most of your family and friends will be thrilled to receive a card at all, let alone one with photos of the kids (or all of you).

Don’t NOT send a card because you don’t think you have a “good enough” photo.

As far as taking a photo specifically for your card, that is up to you but it is absolutely not required. The design of the card can make it seasonal even if the photo is not.

Whatever you decide, I recommend that you first pick a photo that you have already taken.  Now is a great time to look through your best photos from the year and narrow down a selection of possibilities (if you’ve been using my recommended star rating system, you can easily review your 4 and 5 star photos for the year without having to dredge through everything).

You might already have an obvious winner, or you might have two or three in mind.

Set aside a couple of hours this week to do this now!

Doing so will put you way ahead of the game and take a lot of stress out of the process. Once you see what you have, you can make a better decision about whether you want to try and take a photo specifically for your card or not.

Next week I’ll talk about capturing the perfect photo for your holiday card, but in the meantime, download this year’s free holiday card workbook that takes you step by step through the entire process.

Download the workbook now!

A couple of other things to get on your radar:
1. Start shopping for any special holiday outfits you might have in mind. Check out last year’s holiday outfit guide for ideas.
2. Start to compile mailing addresses for your holiday cards. This is always a big pain point for me so I plan to get this out of the way early this year.