Project Zero: 5 Ways to Sneak in Extra Exercise

Welcome to Week One of Project Zero!  If you didn’t get a chance to read about Project Zero last week, let me fill you in really quick.

Project Zero is a health initiative to help you become more aware of your workouts and eating habits during the holiday season. For four weeks, I will provide you with workouts that can be done at home in minimal time. YOU will commit to working out, eating as healthy as possible and try to maintain your weight over the holiday season.


In a nutshell, the goal is to maintain or lose weight over the holidays. Emphasis on “maintain,” a.k.a. – gain ZERO pounds over the holiday season. 

Sounds easy enough, right?


According to a recent study, the average American gains between one and five pounds over the holiday season (November to January).  While that might not seem like a lot, holiday weight gain is unnecessary and can easily be avoided.  All most people need to do:  MOVE MORE and EAT LESS. 

Today, we’re going to talk about the MOVEMENT part of the equation.  Here are just a few tips for creating more movement in your already busy day!


5 Ways to Sneak in Extra Exercise!

1.  Avoid sitting

By simply choosing to STAND rather than SIT, you can burn an extra 50 calories per hour, which can really add up over time!  Pace around when you talk on the phone.  Play at the park with your kids instead of watching from the sidelines. March in place while watching Glee instead of sitting on the couch.  Make a point of STANDING more!

2.  If you sit, sit wisely

If you work in an office environment, sub out your traditional office chair for a stability ball!  Not only will you burn more calories when you are sitting, you can work on your core stabilizers at the same time.  Another tip:  Set an alarm to go off every hour and get up and move around – go refill your water bottle or make a few laps up and down the office stairs.

3.  Choose High-Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a form of exercise training that alternates between short bursts of high intensity movement and lower intensity movement.  HIIT is perfect for anyone who is short on time (YOU!), because you can get a full body workout that only takes about 10-20 minutes of your time. The key to HIIT is to make sure you’re giving the high intensity bursts 100% of your effort.

For more information about high intensity interval training and Tabata training (a form of HIIT), go here.

4.  Go Shopping

You’ve got to buy holiday gifts anyway – you might as well turn the task into a way to burn some extra calories.  Go to the mall or a Super Target and WALK!  Mall walking is perfect this time of year – it’s a warm place you can bring a stroller to, it’s safe, and the sights and sounds provide enough stimulation to keep most children happy.

In fact, turn what could be a one time shopping experience into several – a couple of trips to window shop, a couple to price compare, and then one final stop to purchase your gifts.

5.  Apply the “Rules of Addition”

Use the “Rules of Addition Method” – adding little bits of exercise up during the day for a total daily workout time of 30 minutes.  You don’t have to do 30 minutes of straight exercise – just aim for more MOVEMENT overall!  Parking farther away at the grocery store, taking the stairs, commercial break crunches – It all adds up!!!  Every little bit of exercise adds years to your life and takes inches off your fanny!

I hope these tips help you create more movement in your day!!  Now let’s move on to our first Project Zero workout!


15-pound dumbbells (if you have them)

A stopwatch


You’ll want to perform this circuit at least THREE TIMES this week, on non-consecutive days. Aim for two days of walking, running, swimming or biking in between if possible!


For video demonstrations:  High Knees, Pushups, Jumping Jacks, Front Lunges, Frog Jumps, Plank,Football Feet, Plié Squats

QUESTION:  Do you have any questions for me??  Leave your weight check in below if you wish!  Good luck this week, mamas!


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