Project Zero – Making Resolutions that STICK!

Hello Mamas!

It’s December 31st, which means a few things:

  • 2012 is nearly over and you have only the highest hopes for 2013!
  • Your Christmas decorations may or may not still be up.
  • You’re going to a party tonight.  Eh.  You’re staying home, passing out on the couch at 10:03pm, and not feeling one bit of remorse.

And one last BIG one:

  • You’re making New Year’s Resolutions.  They may or may not “stick”.

If you’re like most of us, you sit down with a piece of paper, write out some HUGE goals and resolutions, stick with them for a week or two, life gets hard and then you resolve to try again next year.  The same cycle every year.  It’s almost as if we’re setting ourselves up to FAIL.  Now I personally know many people who have made resolutions and have succeeded, so it CAN be done, but this is not the majority.

This year, I say we try something different.

No resolutions.  No hard and fast “rules”.  And nothing that contains the word, “NO.”  (How many of you have said, “NO SUGAR,” only to be gnawing on a donut come February??)

This year, I challenge you to pick one ACTION WORD that will define 2013.

Instead of focusing on items to check off a list or one-sentence resolutions (“I will lose 30 pounds!”), we’re going to take one action word and keep it at the forefront of our brains for the entirety of 2013.

Step 1:  Pick your ACTION WORD!

Think about what you want to DO (action) in 2013.  Select a word that might be a weakness for you. If you aren’t in the habit of exercising, pick “MOVE”.  If you need you’re uptight and want to live more in the moment, “PLAY” might be a great word for you.

Here are a few examples:

  • MOVE
  • PLAY
  • LOVE

Step 2:  Add the word “MORE” to the end of your action word.

Adding “more” to the end of any of those action words will provide you with your ACTION GOAL for 2013.


As opposed to your standard resolution list, this ACTION GOAL concept is different and easier to accomplish because it shifts the focus away from things that we CAN’T do and instead, focuses on general concepts that are easier to achieve.

Step 3:  Set sub-goals, if necessary.

If this concept is too general for some of you, set some sub-goals within your chosen action word.  For instance, if you want to “MOVE MORE”, set daily or weekly goals in the amount of steps you’ll take per day.  If your goal is to “LEARN MORE”, select 2-3 subjects that you want to focus on, head to the library once a week, or subscribe to a trade magazine.


My action word??



I want to be present.  To listen to my children and my husband with an eager ear and a silent mouth.  I want to listen to the needs of my training clients and be someone who they can come talk to.  I want to listen and while listening, I don’t want to be thinking of the perfect thing to say when the other person is finished talking (please tell me other people do this!)  To become a better listener, I have to put myself second, a goal in and of itself.


What will your ACTION WORD be for the upcoming year?  What word will define you?  And how will you implement it?

Make it a good one!!  I have high hopes for 2013! 

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