Project Zero: Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Calories

Healthy fresh vegetables in grocery display.

Hi Ladies!


How was Week 1 of Project Zero?  Did you find the time and motivation to create extra MOVEMENT in your day?  I hope you found my tips easy to follow!

For me personally, I find that WALKING does wonders for me.  Just by adding an extra 20-30 minute walk into my day, I feel much better.  Last week, I went on three extra walks with my toddlers.  Pushing our double stroller (filled with 75 pounds of toddler meat) is HARD, but always rewarding.  My kids loved being out in the fresh, crisp air and I loved being able to burn off those extra holiday cookies.  Win-win!

For this week’s Project Zero installment, I wanted to touch on the DIET aspect of maintaining weight over the holidays. It seems like every day leading up to the New Year, there is a party, birthday, or gift exchange.  And all of these special occasions have food involved – yummy treats and desserts.  In order to avoid any unnecessary weight gain, I wanted to give you some tips for avoiding unnecessary calories.


Follow the 80/20 Rule.

Looking for a way to eat healthy but still enjoy a daily holiday indulgence?  Follow the 80/20 Rule!

80 percent of the time, your food intake will come from lean protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and complex carbohydrates. The remaining 20 percent can be whatever you want.  I have used this rule for about 5 years now and I feel content and not overly restricted in my food choices.

Ask Yourself One Question

Like I stated previously, the holiday season is FILLED with treats!  Before you fall head first into the eggnog, ask yourself this simple question: “Can I live without it?”  If the answer is yes, don’t indulge.  If the answer is no, partake in the treat and move on with your day.  Eight times out of ten, you can easily live without the treat.  Pre-packaged sugar cookies from the grocery store?  You can live without those.  But Grandma’s pumpkin pie is something worth having.

Simply put – be selective in your indulgences.  Eat only the treats that you cannot live without.

Bring a Backup

If you’re asked to go to a holiday get-together, bring a healthy dish with you.  Aim for a dish that is high in protein and fiber (think lean turkey chili or a vegetable and hummus tray).  Protein and fiber are proven to fill you up and keep you satisfied for much longer than processed carbohydrates and sugary treats.  Failure to plan is planning to fail.

Don’t Buy It and WALK AWAY!

If being around Christmas cookies and candy canes is just too much for your willpower, do not have these things in your house!  Don’t buy them!  It seems simple but it can be really hard to avoid buying these items at the store.  If you’re at a party and you can’t stop eating, station yourself far away from the food table.  If you don’t want another cookie, politely say “NO, THANK YOU.”

Practicing AVOIDANCE can help you if you can’t moderate yourself around food.



I think the biggest tip I can give you is to simply be AWARE of mindless snacks and nibbles.  Fully enjoy yourself and this holiday season, but THINK before you act.  Unnecessary weight gain, be gone!!

For this week’s workout, I thought I’d share a really fun “Countdown Workout” that I created!  If you know how to count, you’re good to go!  Bonus:  there is no equipment needed; just your body!

What You’ll Need

No equipment needed, but feel free to add weight to your squats or lunges if you have dumbbells!

How Often

Three to four times per week, non-consecutive days.


Confused about some of the moves? 

Watch these video demonstrations:  High Knees, Jumping Jacks, Squats, Crunches, Wall Jumps, Walking Lunges, Inchworms, Plank, Pushups, Burpees


QUESTION:  Log your current weight below!  Leave a comment and let me know how Project Zero is working for you!!

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