Quick Dinners That Kids Can Help Make

kids cooking in the kitchen

As a parent, it may seem like most of your time is spent trying to keep your kids busy and entertained – this is true whether they’re 3 years old or 13. Luckily, keeping children entertained isn’t as hard as it sounds, especially when you find genius ways to get them involved in what you’re doing, from cleaning the house to helping you with the grocery shopping. One of the places kids love to help out the most? The kitchen. With that in mind, take a look at these fun and easy dinner ideas that kids of almost any age can help you make:

Breakfast for dinner

Helping you make breakfast for dinner will be doubly exciting for your kids – they’ll love being able to help, but they’ll also feel a certain thrill that comes from eating pancakes at night (and don’t we all?). Have your little ones mix ingredients to make the pancake or waffle batter. Then, pour it into a squeeze bottle (like the kind ketchup or salad dressing comes in), and let them squirt batter onto a griddle or waffle maker. It may be messy, but you’ll all have a lot of fun.

Burgers and Hot Dogs

Anything that involves simply putting together a lot of ready-made ingredients is the perfect meal for kids to help with. This includes everything from tacos to sandwiches, but burgers and hot dogs are real crowd-pleasers. Prepare all of the ingredients yourself – cook the burgers and hot dogs and cut the tomatoes and onions. Your kids can help with this part by washing veggies and peeling pieces of lettuce from a head. Then, arrange the ingredients and any condiments you want to include in a buffet on the counter or table. Let your children put together their own burgers and hot dogs, using whatever ingredients they want.

girl washing food in sink

A great task for kids? Washing fruits and veggies.

Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza is a lot of fun, and it’s perfect for a night when you need to get dinner on the table quickly. Use store-bought dough, tortillas or slices of French bread. Let your kids make their own individual pizzas by spreading sauce onto the dough, then sprinkling cheese and other toppings across the surface. Let them get creative, and don’t be afraid of things getting a little messy. You can always clean up as a family while the pizzas are in the oven.


OK, so cookies don’t necessarily count as dinner, but if you want to make some dessert, they’re a great option for getting kids involved. Let your little ones measure and mix ingredients (with your supervision if they’re little), then help them roll the dough into small balls and arrange them on a cookie sheet. After they’re finished baking, of course, you all can try your hand at decorating with sprinkles and icing.

Anything your kids are interested in helping with

As your children grow older, feel free to get their input on dinners they’d like to try making. The more involved they are in the decision-making and cooking process, the prouder they’ll be of their accomplishments in the kitchen.