R U Texting While Parenting?

Adorable Baby With His Beautiful Mother

I admit, I sometimes use my smartphone to text, tweet, and Facebook while watching my kids. I know a lot of you out there do it too. But, did you ever think it could actually be putting your child in potential danger? I have to admit I never really did. But, a lot of ER docs think that more and more kids are getting hurt because their parents are too busy tapping away on their phones rather than watching their kids.

I can see their point. I know how easy it can be to get so into your texts or tweets that you sometimes block out what’s going on right in front of you. It makes you think whether our “smartphones” are really just making us dumb. Sure, they’re meant to make life easier, but in reality they may just be making things more difficult. All of these texts and apps not only take up a lot of our attention, but also a lot of our time. All the time we spend focused on them may not only be putting our kids at risk of getting hurt physically, but also emotionally. The fact is kids need attention and they need to feel important.

While I’m not saying we need to dump our smartphones all together, it may be smarter to just keep it all in check. Sure there’s no app for that, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see how long you could go without using your smartphone while you’re supposed to be parenting? Take the challenge, I dare u!

Do you spend a lot of time texting in front of your kids? Do you ignore texts and social apps while parenting?