Ready for Solids?

Your baby seems to be get restless for more than formula or breast milk. She seems to be making biting movements and looking at you with eagerness in her eyes. another 4 to 6 mnths, babies may show interest in more than liquid.

Check with your doctor for advice on solid readiness. If he gives the thumbs up, start with rice meal to help them develop their solid eating skills. Mix it with formula/ breast milk and then eventually add juice to give them a different taste.

Best practice is to stick with one type of food for a while (about a week) before moving on to something else. Not only will it prevent fussiness due to constant switching around, it helps determine whether they might be allergic. Watch for signs after each feeding until you know they are o.k. with that type of food.

When did you know your baby was ready for solids? Did they show signs of readiness? What type of solids did they love/hate the most?