Real Moms Tell Their Real-Life Birth Stories

Birth Story

I’ve watched a lot of episodes of TLC’s A Baby Story in my day, but my current go-to source for real-life L&D experiences is the online collection of birth stories curated by blogger and mother of six Gabrielle Blair. Known as DesignMom, Gabby collects and posts birth stories written by her legions of readers, and their tales run the gamut of the childbirth experience – natural, medicated, at home, in the hospital, in a tub, you name it. They are uplifting, inspiring, sometimes a little scary, but always fascinating. Here’s one the author calls an “almost VBAC,” in which she learns the importance of being flexible when the birth plan isn’t working. This woman’s mom delivered her baby the day after she and her husband celebrated their first wedding anniversary. This baby was born two months early.

Do you love this stuff as much as I do, or do you try not to think too much about the whole getting-the-baby-out part of pregnancy? Is hearing about others’ childbirth experiences comforting or terrifying? Would you ever consider posting your birth story online for such a large audience?