Reggie Bush Won’t Reach Out to Ex Kim Kardashian After She Gives Birth

Baby talk never came into play for Kim Kardashian when she was dating football player Reggie Bush, but it turns out the exes are each welcoming their first children within months of each other. Kim is set to pop this summer, while Reggie and fiancé Lilit Avagyán recently welcomed daughter Briseis (yep, named after Rose Byrne’s character in Troy).

However, when Life & Style asked Reggie if he would get back in touch with Kim after she gives birth to her and Kanye West’s baby, he made it clear that wasn’t on the agenda. “We’ve been focused on the future,” he explained. “I haven’t been worried about anything else or on anything in the past.”

It’s a surprisingly mature response from someone associated with the attention-seeking Kardashian family. Of course, Reggie never seemed to quite fit in to Kim’s reality-TV lifestyle–which included faking an engagement for the paparazzi–while they were dating. Outside of that realm, it’s also got to be awkward when you and your ex are both having children, much as you might be happy for each other. It’s just not always appropriate, or productive, to make a big deal out of reaching out.

Reggie also hasn’t been in touch with any of Kim’s family members, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. “I haven’t spoken to them,” he explained. “I’ve just been focusing on my little girl and my family. That’s it really. I’ve been enjoying my life and this opportunity. All my focus has been on that.”

Photo: @kimkardashian