Babble Band Wearable Monitor

A wearable, voice-activated audio monitor that alerts parents to their child's cries and coos

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Babble Band Wearable Monitor

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In a nutshell: This baby monitor gives parents the ability to be active while still keeping track of their child. Moms and dads can wear the adjustable wristband to hear their baby in real time or utilize the transportable transmitter for listening.

The perks: The Babble Band Wearable Monitor provides families with two methods to stay in tune with their child: an adjustable wristband that will fit both moms and dads and a mobile transmitter. Not only can the pair pick up sounds from up to 800 feet away, but the latter also acts as a charging tool for the voice-activated audio watch. The battery is rechargeable and can last up to 10 hours during use.

The devices offer three different modes parents can use to monitor their baby. The audio mode enables moms and dads to hear their child, while the vibration setting turns the audio portion off, but sends a pulse to the wristband when there is a sound in the child’s room. Lastly, the sound light mode gives families visual cues via sound-activated lights when noise is present.

Babble Band Wearable Monitor
Babble Band is the first and only wearable baby monitor

The headaches: Although the wristband is definitely a benefit of the product, only one is available at a time. This means only one parent can use the digital watch at a time, which families may not like. The wristband is also not waterproof, so parents should be sure to remove it before bathing their child. The baby unit monitor is portable, but needs to be plugged into an outlet to work. This could be problematic for parents, depending on what room their child is in.

The transmitter is the only source for recharging the wristband, so parents hoping to charge the band overnight while their child is sleeping cannot separate the two devices. The battery lasts eight to 10 hours, which can be problematic for children sleeping longer.

Final verdict: Promoted as the world’s first wearable baby monitor, the Babble Band technology enables parents to leave their sleeping child in the nursery while moms and dads complete necessary chores or relax – all within an 800-foot range. The wristband also has the capability to alert families when it’s out of range.

Yet, the charging situation with the two devices brings up difficulties. Parents will need to find a time to charge the wristband when they’re not monitoring their child. Being able to charge the adjustable watch separately would be a great perk and development idea for future models.

All in all, the Babble Band Wearable Monitor is a strong piece of technology parents can use to their advantage. With a little advanced planning to ensure the wristband is completely charged, moms and dads can monitor their baby from a different room, separate floor or even outside!

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